Maintenance Clean

Maintenance Cleans

Every 2 - 3 weeks

from $77 to 165

Maintenance cleans are a great way to keep on top of your vehicle’s cleanliness. Helping to keep those ‘unclean’ odours at bay.

Did you know Regular maintenance of your vehicle is important when it comes to your health. By simply getting rid of the dust in the air, and on your interior, you could prevent those nasty dust mites that cause allergies.


  • Wipe down of Dashboard & door trims
  • Vacuum interior including seats, carpet, boot & mats if applicable
  • Wash exterior using high-quality soap, keeping the gloss on your paintwork
  • Chamois dry of all exteriors including door and boot jams, as well as mag wheels

General prices are shown, additional fees and charges may be applied depending on travel fees, the condition of the vehicle, excessive pet hair and / or sand. T & C’s apply.



Hatch Back



sedan / station wagon



4×4 / Van / dual cab ute



(Ram / Silverado)