Melissa D’Cruz - Professional Wedding Florist

Looking for Wedding florists & Wedding Stylists in Australia? Melissa D’Cruz is the best option for you. We have over 25 years of experience and also executed thousands of Weddings successfully. We are starting our Wedding event plan by designing a floral arrangement, coordinating, and executing in a timely manner. We also provide the best advice and guidance to ensure your wedding day is the most memorable day with our floral arrangements. Melissa will manage and execute your wedding with the utmost responsibility and care. We will arrange florals as per your will and pleasure. 

Melissa D’Cruz is located at Brumby Street, NSW in Australia. Our florists will serve all other areas in and around Australia. We have extensive industry experience positions us as the best of the bunch for any occasion. Our experienced florists will do floral arrangements & stylish arrangements for Weddings. If you dream to make your loved one’s day special and memorable, contact Melissa D’Cruz to make it real.

Gorgeous Wedding Floral Arrangements by Melissa D’Cruz

If you’re looking for an arrangement that resembles fine art, Melissa D’Cruz is your best choice in Wedding flower delivery. Our florists will create flower magic. Sourcing seasonal and sustainable products from local growers, Melissa likes to keep things simple and consistent. Our florists make the most moving, heart-wrenching, sculptural flower creations you have ever come across. We assure you that you are getting the best out of the best. 

Our Wedding Services

We always wanted flowers to be accessible so people like you can enjoy them always, not just on special occasions. Stunning arrangements of Melissa D’Cruz will allow nature’s beauty to inspire a special moment of your dear & near one. We are the local wedding florists in NSW, Australia dedicated to providing satisfaction for our customers. 

Melissa D’Cruz provides unique Wedding arrangements that are individually tailored to suit your vision and budget. Our experienced and skilled staff of florists will give unforgettable experiences and stunning flowers for weddings. The team is dedicated to bringing the vision to your life. Our comprehensive wedding services include the following. 


  • Wedding Reception Flowers 
  • Bridal Party Flowers & Styling
  • Elegant Bouquets
  • Wedding Ceremony Floral  Installations
  • Bridal Flowers 
  • Wedding Venue Decorations & installations
  • Many more Wedding arrangements.

Contact Melissa D’Cruz for all your Wedding arrangement needs. Our florists will come to your doorstep and arrange flowers according to your wish. If you want to ask any questions regarding our wedding flower arrangements, price lists, and many more, call us today.

Exceptional Installations by Wedding Stylists

We at Melissa D’Cruz create everything from massive wedding floral installations to everyday flower arrangements with the highest attention to detail and the best quality florals on the market.  Melissa is dedicated to helping you find the perfect flowers to deliver your message. With exceptional installations, our team at Melissa can help you deliver a stunning event experience. We do table arrangements for an intimate private dinner to the most stylish floral arrangements.

Wedding Inquiry Form

“Our Passion at Melissa is Taking A Bride & Grooms Vision And Creating A Luxurious Moment In Life They Will Never Forget.”

At Melissa D’Cruz, We will manage and execute your Wedding with utmost care and responsibility starting from designing it exactly the way you want it. You can contact us online by providing a few details online. If you are planning a wedding, our team will come and make an elegant floral arrangement.  You simply fill the Wedding Inquiry Form by providing details like Your first name, last name, wedding date, wedding venue, contact number, and email address. Our florists will reach you on the scheduled date. 

During the initial consultation, We at Melissa D’Cruz carefully consider your ideas, colors, floral preferences for your special & memorable wedding day. Our aim is to help brides relax and take care of all the hard work ourselves with flowers, signature, and menus. Make your special day with selected gorgeous wedding flower arrangements.