Welcome to MELISSA D'CRUZ!

Mellisa D’Cruz is an elite Australian based florist, floral designer, wedding florist, and stylist dedicated passionately to provide elegant flower arrangements to any event. We are located at Brumby Street in Australia. Mellissa is a nationally acclaimed floral designer, stylist, in-house florist for Le Montage Sydney, Curzon Hall, and Oatlands House venues and many restaurants and establishments across the Sydney area.

Who We are?

‘Floristry Is An Art - Requiring Skill, Creativeness & Passion - Melissa D’Cruz’

Melissa D’Cruz, a floral, events, stylish creation expert shop established by Melissa. Melissa started her career as a florist. Having many years of work experience in flower arrangements. She loves flowers, hence opted to continue her career as a florist. After finishing school her dad encouraged her to opt for a career in floristry. Because of her patience and ethics, one of her shop owners offered entrepreneurship. She happily accepted the offer and continued her journey. At the age of 18, she had started her first shop near her residence. After she turned 25, got great experience in the floral industry and extended her job to Weddings. Today Melissa is a profound figure in the Australian Wedding industry, known for her unique large-scale wedding styles, stylish floral designs, Event Floral arrangements, and also ceiling installations.

The Beauty Behind the Name- Melissa D’Cruz

Widely inspired by nature, we have started the journey of flower arrangements. Melissa loves styling and floral designs so started her journey towards wedding flower arrangements. Our team at Melissa D’Cruz will carefully create various floral arrangements for weddings, parties, anniversaries, birthdays, get together activities, and many other occasions in Australia. We are specialized in creating stunning, beautiful, opulent, and sequential styles with flowers. Melissa D’Cruz is currently headquartered in Sydney, specialty lies predominantly in Luxury Weddings and events. We are traveling nationally and internationally for destination events. We ensure satisfaction for our customers with our versatile styling works. We promise you to provide beautiful and trustworthy wedding works in Australia. 

Melissa D’Cruz Floral Services

To many Malissa known as “Crazy”, however, Melissa D’Cruz the name behind Crazy About Flowers now not only a wedding florist, but a passionate teacher, leader, and global trendsetter in floral design. Visit our website https://melissadcruz.com/ today for more information about our services & subscribe to our newsletter. Turn your love of flowers into an exciting career opportunity by joining our floral institute. We are creating fabulous and elegant floral designs for various occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, official parties in and around Australia. Our wedding florists and stylists are fully trained and trustworthy, hence we ensure 100% satisfaction to our clients. 

Some of our services are, 

  • Wedding Arrangements 
  • Event Arrangements 
  • Wedding Stylists
  • Wedding Florists 
  • Floral Institute
  • Flower courses & workshops 

Our Specialities at Melissa D’Cruz

Add an elegant look to your event with a flower arrangement from Melissa D’Cruz. We are Sydney based florists to invoke your senses and delight your soul. We are providing freshly sourced flowers from local stores for floral arrangements and also in bouquets. Long-lasting and fragrant flowers are used by our experienced florists. Melissa guides in each arrangement for any event, wedding, or occasion in Sydney. Melissa now turned as a tutor and coach for many upcoming florists both online and in-person through the Melissa Dcruz Floral Institute & continuing to share her love and passion for flowers with those willing to learn. Our florists will create flower magic at your event. Arranges gorgeous flowers at the scheduled time and date. 

Melissa D’Cruz- Wedding Inquiry Form

You can contact us online by providing a few details online. If you are planning a wedding, our team will come and make an elegant floral arrangement.  You simply fill the Wedding Inquiry Form by providing details like Your first name, last name, wedding date, wedding venue, contact number, and email address. Our florists will reach you on the scheduled date.